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Change is a continuous process. Seasons change literally and figuratively. It is a good trait to be a champion of change. Most of us fear change because we actually have a fear of the unknown, not the concept itself. When we develop a positive mindset towards change, we will begin to be excited about change.

So, here we are: a new month, the beginning of another season! Summer is gone and autumn (fall) is here. Yay!
If you have been reading my blogs, I guess you already know that this is my favorite season. I like summer, spring and winter but fall has a special appeal.

It is that time of year when:
Trees glow and look like burning trees along the streets.
Maple Leaves take on many shades of beautiful, bright colors.
And the weather is neither hot nor cold - just the right balance.
Thanksgiving celebrations....
And so much more!

This post made me laugh:

Since completing my Federal Government of Canada assignment exactly a month ago, my life has taken a very interesting turn! I loved the work I did in the Public Service. And I absolutely love what I have been doing since then. It is amazing to be doing what I love to do! So thankful to God for the privilege to use the talents He has given me. #mycalling

In the last couple of weeks, it has been such a pleasure to interact with one of the most amazing group of people I have ever met in all the countries I have lived and places I have worked - both young and regular adults! I have always striven to be thankful whether the sky is gray or blue; yet I have to say that they are such a blessing!

I haven't posted on this website in a long time. My apologies, dear readers. It's same classic excuse: busy, busy but I take responsibility for slacking a bit. I have for years taught undergraduate students about setting SMART goals. In order to manage my time well, it is pertinent that I set SMART goals which take career(s), family, leisure, social media/networking and so on into account. It is a given and I would say that I am doing well
but there's always room for improvement.

Change. Progress. Improvement. Excellence.

Happy Autumn/Fall!


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