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I like reading about Will and Kate. That Will is passionate about conservation of wildlife in Africa is a huge plus:  it makes me like this royal couple even more.

I am also interested in reading about happenings around the globe. International news is full of happenings around the world where people face all kinds of oppression and discrimination: racial, religious, tribal, gender, class, and on and on. It is offensive and reprehensible, to say the least. While these situations leave us with a feeling of empathy for those inflicted, we must realize that the perpetrators are actually people who are very unhappy with themselves and are in bondage of diverse kinds. Take a look whenever the opportunity arises.

I find myself pondering the following questions and wondering what your take on them are: 
How do you feel when you see the wicked 'prospering'?
How do you feel when you see injustice around you; real, not enacted in a movie?
How do you feel when you are discriminated against in obvious and/or subtle ways?How do you feel when you see politicians abusing their offices? 
How do you feel when you see, read or hear about these things?

Ever been at the receiving end? I think the idiom 'Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches' is only partly applicable here. You don't have to be a victim to know what is morally wrong or right. No one can sit on a fence. There is no fence anyway.
What drives a man who practises female subjugation?
What drives a racist?
Look. See. It is glaring.
This isn't a rant. I am just being real in a real world.

On another subject: how many books have you read this summer?
Reading is a most effective teacher.
Are you engaged in a book or Bible challenge for the year? How good is it going?
Don't stop, keep moving!
And as much as lies within you, brighten the corner where you are.  Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

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