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Someone recently described the writing career as another rat race.

Pondering on it, I held the thought much longer than I intended to. My circle of writer friends has grown astonomically in the last couple of months. I have been interacting electronically with many of these friends. As I continued in this dragged out reflection about an honorable profession being described as a rat race, I made intermittent mental stops at the different social media postings I have read in recent weeks. I dwelled appreciatively on the many wonderful people putting their talents to great use: to entertain, educate/inform, instruct, engage and so on.  Then I admiringly reflected on the hard work and effort writers everywhere are making to promote and market their books. Some of us are technological novices or newbies but we are brave people and make the leap in spite of the challenges we face in this competitive career. Or should I say rat race? Not sure....

But it isn't primarily about money for many of us; regardless of our struggle to make ends meet.

As an author, I would be glad to make money from my writing. However, that  isn't my primary motivation to write. For me, writing is akin to a pregnant woman. When 'pregnant' with a story idea, there is a compelling force asking to put it on paper. The writing process is a release, an enjoyable one. It is hard work, especially at the revision stage; yet it remains a delightful experience. When the book has been birthed, all I ask for is that someone somewhere reads it and gets positively touched by it.  

Do I hear an entrepreneur author's pu...leeez? I certainly agree that it is realistic to expect your book to sell and sell well; maybe, become a bestseller. That is most writers' dream, including mine. It doesn't mean, however, that I will stop writing if I don't begin to make sufficient money from my writing. I will keep writing because I derive pleasure from writing. I write, so I be. Writing is my passion. It is an integral part of who I am and  I get such great fun out of it!

And that, my friends, is the way we do it! :)

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