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Today is National Grammar Day in the United States. There's a clear, global consensus about the need to speak and write well. However, the days of prescriptive grammar in English are long gone. Today, emphasis is on communicative competence – and rightly so. English is now a world language, with so many varieties and accents that linguists can barely approximate the number. It’s now considered myopic and unenlightened to insist on a single accent.

It’s cheering that since days of old, writing style has been recognized as the prerogative of the writer – their trademark.  A writer may choose to write in any language, language variety, engage in code switching and code mixing. It's their call. Over time, the writer’s style becomes a part of their identity. That’s what stylistics is all about. The writer’s voice. A voice that is easily and readily recognizable as uniquely theirs. How cool is that? I believe it is very cool!

This attribute illustrates the freedom that characterize the writing profession. It is an immense pleasure to belong to this worthy global community.

Being a group of enlightened people, there is no doubt that each writer’s style appeals to the targeted audience and the writer’s purpose, be it to inform, entertain, unravel, etc, gets to be accomplished through that unique voice.

When we let our voice be heard through our writing, we establish that deep connection with our readers, which is what every writer hopes to accomplish.

As a writer, what’s your voice? Have you found your voice? Is it shining through the letters/words? Is it easily discernible?

Working on mine….:)

As a reader, can you describe your favorite writer(s) voice? What do you like about this(these) writer’s (writers') voice?

Have a wonderful week!


 “Confident writers have the courage to speak plainly; to let their thoughts shine rather than their vocabulary.” ~ Ralph Keyes, author of The Courage to Write: How Writers Transcend Fear

*Photo: Sunrise, caught on our drive into the Garden City.... 

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