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(a) Maintain a healthy and positive disposition towards the examination. It is good to get to the examiantion venue about 30 minutes before the start of the paper.

(b) Before you begin to write answers, ensure that you have written your registration/matriculation number, name (if applicabe), title of paper, date of examination, and other such information required on the outside cover of the answer booklet.

(c) Obey the rubrics of the examination. If any question is compulsory, make sure you attempt it. Attempt only the specified number of questions, ensure that you keep to them.

(d) Your choice of questions should be dependent on your knowledge of particular questions and their demand on available time. Do not attempt questions you do not understand, unless they are compulsory. A question that may take more of your time to do justice to, at the detriment of others to be answered, should be avoided.

(e) Write legibly, using coherent and concise language. Except in multiple-choice/ objective paper, write in continuous prose, using appropriate spellings, vocabulary, and grammar. Clarity of expression is vital.

(f) Make effort to put some originality into your answers by way of language use and illustrations. It will not do to give back to the teacher only what he gave you. Your answer should show that you have done some private studying.

(g) Carefully check your answers after writing to eliminate any errors. Leave adequate time for this, say 30 minutes in a 3 hour paper and 20 minutes in a 2 hour paper. You will need ample time if the error detected requires your rewriting an answer.

(h) You must not forget to indicate the questions you have answered, in the space provided for that purpose on the outside cover page of the answer sheet.

Good luck!

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