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We are in the first month of 2012. For some of us, it is business as usual. Yet for others, changes are already taking place – some gratifying and some unpalatable. Regardless of which side of the fence we find ourselves, there is something we need to know. Like success, challenges are basic aspects of living. When we have overcome them, we become stronger, kinder and less judgemental of others. How then can we raise our heads above the flood when it wants to sweep us away into the deeper destructive sea? How do we succeed in walking out smiling even when we are shivering and weak and in shock? We need to know our source of strength and happiness.

Today, my best friend wanted to know what was bothering me (listed in descending order - sounds like a tall order? not really). I knew the primary thing that was bothering me. I also knew the second one – it had occurred the previous day. I knew a couple of others too. In answering that question, I knew that if my primary source of worry was resolved, all other problems would seem negligible. It was tied to my happiness. Without it, others become insurmountable. It is where I am happiest; where I shut the rest of the world out; where everything is beautiful and peaceful. That’s my source of happiness and my succour.

What is yours? Where do you run to when the whole world seems to be against you? What do you cling to when the load seems too heavy to bear? Who do you turn to? How do you cope? How do you get to smile and laugh when you should still be crying? You need to know your source of succour. Often, the answers are in our belief and faith, people we love and who show us love in return, our interests like playing the piano/music, writing, dancing, drawing, sports and such other things we derive joy in doing.

This post sounds sombre to me but it is not only for those presently going through a rough patch. It is a reminder that in the middle of a challenge, we need to do things that make us happy. That way we get to be relaxed, optimistic, healthy and better able to take appropriate decisions.

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