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You may be a good writer but never get to become a professional. Effective editing makes a huge difference between ‘wannabe’ writers and professional, successful writers. In order to be a success, you need to begin to see your manuscript the way an editor would. You need some training to achieve that. This ebook provides practical information on writing techniques.

After you’ve completed writing your story or article, you have to edit it – possibly a few times – before submitting it to an editor. Here are some great self-editing tips that will get your manuscript noticed and published.

  • Show your readers, don’t just tell them. When you tell your readers what is going on in the lives of your characters, you distance your readers from your characters; your readers become mere spectators from the outside. In order for your writing to come alive, you should create scenes that transport your readers into your characters’ world. That way, you are able to engage your readers’ interest and emotion.
  • Expose the nitty-gritty of your characters gradually. Do not give full details of a character at once. That way you sustain your readers’ interest and allow each reader to form his or her own opinion of each character.
  • Generate powerful dialogue. Editors look out for scenes with dialogue, especially in short stories and novels. It is the dialogue that will largely get your story published or rejected. In order to write like a professional, you need to make skillful use of dialogue mechanics.
  • For final editing and proofreading (spelling, verb tense agreement, punctuation problems, and the like) 101 Ways to Power-Up Your Writing is a comprehensive guide.

Write A Real Book is an e-course on how to write a book and get it published by top publishers around the world.

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