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Teachers are human; although everyone seems to forget that. As a teacher, you don’t have to be perfect to be liked by, at least, most of your students. If you find it difficult getting along with your students, here are some tips that will change that.

• Ensure that you teach in ways that enable your students learn successfully.

• Make learning fun. It should not be a racket but make your classes interesting.

• Show interest in your students’ academics and welfare.

• Dress the part, especially female teachers. Your dressing makes a statement about who you are. Believe me; your students are very observant.

• Treat all students equally. You should be seen to be fair.

• Commend as appropriate. Always give constructive feedback.

• Notice little details, such as a student’s new hair style, a student being overly quiet during a particular lesson or looking unwell, but do not get too personal. Do not embarrass your students. Your target is to make them feel good about themselves and show that you care. Bottom-line: build your students’ confidence.

• Know your students by name. If not by name then by ‘face’. You should know when a ‘stranger’ is in your class. If you are teaching and casually observe a new face in class, it gives your students a feeling of belonging since it shows that you know everyone in your class.

• Notice when a student misses class and find out why.

• Grade papers fairly not necessarily generously. Your students may see you as a ‘tough grader’ and still consider you their favorite teacher.

• Allow for students’ input. Your students should be respectful not scared of you. Also, you can learn a thing or two from them.

• Smile a lot.

• Throw in an occasional joke.

• Be punctual to classes and have a valid reason for missing class.

• Be knowledgeable about your subject.

• Always make eye contact with your students.

• Exercise self control at all time. Don’t let any student make you flare up. Always maintain your composure.

• Let your students know the benefits of the course they are taking.

• Enjoy teaching your classes and your students will notice that you do.

• Show your students that you are in charge, not them. They will respect you for it.

These tips will help you to establish rapport with your students. That way, they will always think kindly of you, remember what you have taught them, and recommend your courses to other students.


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