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Our society thrives on the rationale: "Different strokes for different folks." It is used to explain away differences in lifestyles and situations. We believe different people like or need different things. We are often justified because individual preferences govern most of the choices we make: where we live, what we eat, the things we buy, who we associate with and so on. However, we may need to draw the line when it comes to undesirable situations such as the hungry and homeless in our towns and cities.

It was nearly 7am when I entered the office building today. I was glad to be out of the biting cold. As was my style, I took the stairs rather than the elevator. Getting into the office, the usually welcoming smell of coffee and soothing warmth of the interior momentarily got me thinking of those who remain unnoticed, unsheltered out there in the freezing cold. They are there in nearly every town, city and nation. They appear to be an invisible part of the populace. Since they have minute or no options, they remain trapped within the encaging walls of deprivation and poverty.

Some people rationaliize such pitiable situations as a way of assuaging their conscience: making excuses about having their own problems and blaming the people who for various reasons - many valid - have found themselves homeless and without food.

I have thought about it again and again while living in different countries. My conclusion remains the same: no human being deserves to live that way. The non-profit organizations are overwhelmed because demand (need) for the services they offer greatly outweighs the supply(resources) available to them. Can't the government do more to alleviate poverty? Can't the private sectors do more? Can't individual citizens do more to make a difference?

The homeless remains an indictment on the society where they are. When we all begin to see it as our responsibility to contribute to ensure basic necessities are available to the less privileged.... when we would rather donate to a charity than change our car which is still in very good condition but we have had it for a while... when we begin to reorder our priorities to include the needy, then we know that there is hope for the homeless and hungry. When we begin to do our part, our little becomes much and we can change the world for the better little by little.

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I did! Many blessings to y'all!

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