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Hi there! Welcome to HAPPY HOUR!

Earlier today, I was standing in front of the kitchen sink. Task? To refill the dishwashing liquid container. As I opened the container, a large bubble escaped and began a gentle dance in the air. I followed its movement. And I kept smiling. My smile broadened as the bubble continued to slowly roam above the kitchen counter. For some reason, I didn't want it to burst; so, I used the open container in my hand to catch the bubble. It was an awesome catch! And got me laughing. That was so cool :).

If you have been following my posts over the years, I guess you already know that reading and writing add to my happiness. In high school, I competed with my reading buddies to see who would finish a novel first and how many novels we read in a week. We mostly read Enid Blyton series and Malorey Towers series. The winner had to give a rehash (gist) of the story. In college, I went solo but remained a voracious reader. My reading interests had shifted to African Writers Series and romance. The latter had dominance. Mills and Boon and Silhouette series were my favorite.

I have always maintained that asking me to name my favorite writer is like asking a mother to name her favorite child. As an avid reader, I can mention some of my favorite writers. One of them is Trish Perry. There is something about her novels that resonates in me, a kind of camaraderie or kinship. After reading 'The Perfect Blend' I was hooked. She's one of my favorite novelists. I like her plots and characterization very much!

The affinity I have mentioned may be rooted in her protagonists. It is weird but I see myself in many ways in some of them. They think like I do and share a lot of my strong points. That, in spite of their naivety, they fall in love with an amazing guy who loves them so much, makes me see her writing as something that transcends fiction. I find myself routing for her protagonists all the way! And it may have to do with my own experience as a woman :) and a writer.

What makes you happy? Playing a musical instrument, watching a movie, reading, writing, participating in a sport? The list is endless. Make time for them.

Enjoy your weekend!

Love, peace and blessing to you.

P.S.: Have you read 'Endless Seasons' on Kindle yet? You can read it today on Kindle for free or buy your copy. Please remember to leave a review!

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