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It's halloween.

"Although mostly thought of as a family holiday, Halloween isn't without controversy." The National Post (October 31, 2012) refers to it as "the year's most controversial holiday". And I agree in toto.

Welcome to Happy Hour!

We're still living in the euphoria of our recent celebration. We feel truly blessed to have each other.

One thing I'm good at is being myself. Gladly, it has served and continues to serve me well in my personal life and career. I don't go out of my way to impress anyone. All I do is be myself and that naturally garners me favor and respect from those above or under me. One of my pet peeves is seeing people trying to be something they are not in order to serve a selfish motive. It comes off making them disparage themselves and lose credibility. It shows some form of psychological problem too; and so I find a feeling of compassion going out to the person.

As a university professor, I've seen my students imitate me in positive ways. In a couple of universities and countries, female students had shown me photos they took of me as I was teaching because they liked my style of teaching, my attire, wanted to copy a dress style or simply found a demonstration I was doing very comical. Recently, my experience with students has been at ESL classrooms at the University of Victoria (Study Centre), immigrant centre, public libraries or cafes. I'm VERY happy with the direction my life has taken. I would never trade the blessings in my life for any past success - no two ways about it. I'm deeply excited about my personal life, my research work at a federal government agency and my writing. Of course, I do some professional editing of manuscripts - it gladdens my heart when another writer entrusts me with editing their work. Ultimately, what makes my day is the feedback I get from them afterwards. These are my dream jobs and so are perfect for me! I'm very thankful!

Still on being myself, when I notice someone trying to be me, copying my expressions or posting styles, I feel truly humbled. It means that someone is learning something from me. Often, what differentiates quest for knowledge from a selfish attempt to impress by being something you're not is that the latter comes off inadvertently exposing ignorance. Motives affect what we do or say in more ways than we know. Others see what you may not want to reveal through what you say or write or do. Best to just be yourself while at the same time genuinely seeking to improve yourself. There are no short-cuts.

I have my flaws but I'm always happy to be the imperfect me. I'm happy to be what I've been created to be and I'm happy for the very wonderful people in my life at a personal level and professionally. I'm happy to be a positive role model to many as well as a blessing to everyone I come in contact with. One of the principles I live by is: "I've been blessed to be a blessing". Blessings come in many shades of colors. Money is only one of the several kinds. Even when I don't have money, I can still be a blessing by a kind gesture, encouraging or motivating someone, offering a helping hand, showing sacrificial love, giving a smile or kind word to brighten someone's day, giving, giving and giving. Do not be a pharisee by seeking attention and the praise of people. Do it selflessly. With love (agape). That's rewarding, admirable and attractive.

I know that I'm a work in progress because God isn't finished with me but I'm gaining in perfection each day. That's who I am. Me. I'm so excited to be me. Thank You God for making me me.

I'm satisfied with my blessings and do not envy anyone's blessing or possession. I have the BEST!

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone.

Many blessings to you!


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