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Some say "Ignorance is bliss"; others in similar camp say "Ignorance is strength". However, in my camp, we say "Knowledge is power".... "Knowledge is key".

Ignorance can be expensive and so can knowledge depending on what you mean and the value you attach to the situation.

Let's talk about knowledge briefly. It is a given that knowledge is infinite. This feature is partly why lifelong learning is the way to go. No one knows everything; neither can anyone learn everything. It is also true that the more you know, the more you realize how little you

The quest for knowledge is an endless venture. Hence, giving it my best shot then means that I am doing all that is possible to access, be aware of, know, learn all that is needful for successful living - for me and for all who providence brings my way.

Albert Einstein said that "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination". For Einstein, the renowned father of modern physics, to say that, as well as "Information is not knowledge" gave me cause for a pause. I had to ‘hibernate’ for a while to
process these propositions from different angles.

Being eclectic by design and orientation, I can see the point being made by each side. But since, I don't sit on any intellectual fence, I'd make haste to shift and move the discussion forward by saying that I don't see any good in the related saying, "what you don't know won't hurt you". In fact, I believe that it ultimately will. And there is nothing hidden under the sun, as Scripture says. The delay could cost you more.

I consider knowledge extremely important and seek it, sometimes
unobtrusively, yet with diligence. I also agree with Einstein that
information doesn't equal knowledge. It's what we do with a piece of
information that could make it amount to knowledge or just remain as it is - information.

So here we have a few quotes on knowledge and ignorance; and each side is subscribed to by large numbers of people. If you are sitting on the fence regarding whether, for example, ignorance is strength or not, what then should be the yardstick for deciding which side the pendulum swings? My take... my thoughts: there are lots of possible answers and each person to their own. For me, the #1 factor is with regards to consideration of the level of its positive impact on society. Differently put, any saying that leads to a positive outcome is a winner any day.

On the aside, I am so thankful, excited and ecstatic – a permanent feeling of euphoria that is beyond description fills me to overflow!

Best wishes to you all!

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