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One thing I don't have is the gift of the gab. I must admit that in some situations I had wished I did. An illustration: About an hour before I closed from work, I was coming from washing two apples when my manager saw me. "Faith, are you going to eat both?" he asked. "You can have one," I replied and added, "Always forgot I had them." Then he said, "You must have been extremely busy with work." Some people would have used the opportunity to "sell" themselves - which isn't a bad thing - but, as usual, not me. I started walking away as I said, "Not really." I wasn't worried because, he knows that I am good at my work; and anyway he was just kidding.

This is just a reminder that we should know ourselves enough to accept the way we have been created - physically and in terms of personality. There are areas we should improve upon (areas that are harmful to others) and there are some that we have to accept as who we are and love since it hurts no one. We ought to go a step further by seeing the good in it. For me, I see my lack of the gift of gab as a very good thing. It means that people I relate with get sincere, simple and unselfish answers from me. They know I'm not out to hoodwink, manipulate or say something self-serving.

Also, this 'lack' has not negatively affected me in any way: I have attended and made excellent presentations at local and international academic conferences and handled the question time admirably well. I must acknowledge I also know how to throw back questions at such academic audience. I can make impromptu as well as scheduled speeches very well too. But outside of these, I notice the difference.

What are the things you consider as areas of weakness in yourself? Are they injurious to others? Are they beneficial to others or just to you?

I have to add though that if it is a major disadvantage to even just you, you will need to work on it.

Hope your week is going very well.


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