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The Hunger Games has been trending both as a novel and since March 23, as a movie. I am not going to write a detailed or pseudo review of this literary work that has caught and retained global attention. Just saying "Thank you" for getting my analytical mind to attempt a dissection of the word 'game'. I am not by any chance referring to any Dissection Game such as the Salmon Dissection Game. Okay, in case you are wondering, this isn't biology, stylistic analysis or literary criticism. What about semantics? Yes, some.

In its simplest meanings, the word 'game' has both positive and negative connotations. The former focuses on all kinds of sporting activities; whereas the latter is synonymous with manipulative, unkind behavior. Everyone likes some sports - which is a good thing. Glad that I can't say the same for our actions that have manipulative motives behind them. We are created to be better than that. In my last blog, I referred to something that occurred a couple of weeks ago where someone was using innuendos to try to scandalize and then insult another. It doesn't take much - certainly not intuition - to read between the lines.

On a closing note, I read one of my blogs from over two years ago about gratitude. And would like to ask the question: "When last did you check your gratitude level?" This isn't about camouflage or facade or 'game'. When we look within us, we'll see the truth others can't see. There is always room for improvement as well as commendation.

Kudos to the makers of the film adaptation of The Hunger Games now showing in theaters around the world!

Have a blessed week y'all!

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